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Our Services


One-on-one focused attention

Games for stimulation

Going out to eat together

Help with loneliness

Being the bright spot in a seniors week

Being a friend


Meal prep

Being there when family is unable to

Giving family peace of mind

Transportation for errands or doctor

Sharing notes from doctor's appointment

Light housekeeping

Checking in while family is on vacation

Checking up on nursing home/rehab care

Assisting hospice with end of life care


In an Assisted Living Facility

Regularly scheduled appointments  allow us to get to know our clients and build relationships with them. It might be as simple as sitting next to them watching the Price is Right, playing a game,  listening to stories of their lives, or singing together. It can include taking them to  an appointment at the the doctor or dentist, or going to their favorite restaurant. We can also run other errands with them or for them.


While Living at Home/With Family

Being a caregiver can sometimes be a difficult and exhausting experience. Let us help with things like short term respite care; making a meal or doing laundry with the client (or other family members); or companionship, so that the client gets one-on-one attention while the family member gets a rest. For those who live on their own, Relationally Yours offers services to help them remain independent. While we do offer just companionship in the home, we have many other services as well, including but not limited to: grocery or other shopping with the client; doing simple meal prep or assisting with laundry; transportation (and note taking if desired) to doctors or dentists; and taking the client out to eat. 

Nurse with Patient

Residing at Skilled Nursing

Many people feel concerned about the care their loved one may be receiving in a skilled nursing facility (or rehab), but don't have time to check on them as much as they would like. Relationally Yours can be that extra pair of eyes to help you know what is happening. Visits can be consistently spaced, or random so as to be unexpected. We can read or sing to the client, or just be physically present. Also, if a family member is uncomfortable/uncertain around the client, we can be there to act as a buffer so that the time together can be pleasant for all involved.

Businessman on Phone

When Family is Far Away

Living far away from a parent or loved one in poor health is very challenging.  Sometimes family members are uncertain about what is really happening because they are not able to be with their loved one.  Often that brings with it feelings of guilt or fear. Relationally Yours, LLC is here to help you overcome the issues you struggle with.  Examples of ways we could assist include being an extra set of eyes at assisted living/ skilled facilities;  attending doctor appointments and giving a written report to family;  or spending time with client at the hospital.

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