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Assisted Living/ Skilled Nursing



You know Dad loves to go out to McDonald's every Wednesday. Or maybe Mom needs a new dress, but you really don't have the time to take her shopping. What's a busy person to do? 

Through regularly scheduled weekly appointments, we get to know our clients and build relationships with them. It might be as simple as sitting next to them watching the Price is Right, playing a game, listening to stories of their lives, or singing together. It can include taking them to the doctor or dentist, or going to their favorite restaurant. We could shop with them or for them. Each person will have different needs and desires, and we will create a plan specific to the individual. 


Many people feel concerned about the care their loved one may be receiving in a skilled nursing facility (or rehab), but don't have time to check on them as much as they would like. Relationally Yours can be that extra pair of eyes to help you know what is happening. Visits can be consistently spaced, or random so as to be unexpected. We can read or sing to the client, or just be physically present.  Also, if a family member is uncomfortable/uncertain around the client, we can be there to act as a buffer so that the time together can be pleasant for all involved.

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