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Relationally Yours began on a single premise- we all need relationships.

 Having seen aging, sickness, and death represented so many different ways in my life, I saw a real need in the community for those who could come along side individuals and their families as they maneuver the day-to-day issues aging can sometimes bring. Our desire is to assist you and your loved ones, personalized to the individual needs, so that both you and they don't have to feel alone or overwhelmed.


- sole non-residential caregiver for my dad for over 10 years        

        - volunteered with Hospice companionship/socialization program

           for 2 years

        -supported a family as their dad/ husband passed

        -became a widow in 2017


These will continue to change as my certifications come in

                             HOW IT ALL BEGAN

Really, my story begins in 2008, when my dad was coming to visit and missed his plane because he was confused in the elevator. He would eventually be diagnosed with Alzheimer's as well as Parkinson's. 

Thus began a chapter of my life I wasn't expecting. But I've learned so much about my dad and myself, and how those diseases can change your life. For us, it has caused distant relationships to become closer. 

A few years later, I sat with an elderly couple, who were family friends, in the hospital and supported them as the husband died. I also worked as a hospice volunteer, spending time with clients both at their home and at a nursing home. The training I received there ironically helped in my own life. In 2015, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and we made numerous 14 hour "panic trips" that spring and summer. But the hardest experience was when my own husband died in 2017. I was not only grieving, but was now a single parent, as well as my dad's sole non-residential caregiver. My own health deteriorated, and I had to have surgeries. Through all those hard seasons, I had family and friends by my side to assist me. But sometimes there were gaps where I really wanted someone to come beside me.

 Covid taught me what it truly meant to feel alone.

As places began to reopen, I was contemplating what my next employment should be.

In the spring of 2021, my dad was spending another week in the hospital, and I was staying with him. I realized that there were other people out there, just like my dad, who needed someone to spend time caring about them. And I suddenly realized that I had the experience, compassion, and personality to make that my occupation.

             I plan to start accepting clients winter of 2021/ 2022. 


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